Dromedary (scientific name: Camelus dromedarius) of large animal camelid Artiodactyla also known by many names, including the only camel hump, camel Arab, Arab camel, and hybrid sometimes. Does not know precisely the original home of the Arab land sentences but are likely to be the Arabian Peninsula. Figure live domesticated from this beauty today in North Africa, the Middle East, northern India, and did not stay there any sentences Arabic Barre in the world, and the only way to study the behavior of this type in the wild is to monitor the brutal population introduced to Australia in the late nineteenth century and early century XX. The beauty of Arab been introduced to the southwestern United States at about the same period, but it soon became extinct because there caught by farmers and indigenous people because they compete with domesticated cattle on already scarce food resources in the region.
Arabian camel is one of the most popular species in the camelid species to which it belongs llamas and alpacas from South America, and sentences with Alsnamin orstrokes from Central Asia who owns Snamin the Arab reverse. Some people – Westerners still a whole – believe that every beauty Snamin, so experts are resorting to some of the methods that will help you remember any sentences has Snamin and which has Snama one, and this character, which is the beginning of the word means, the name of dromedary in English is “Dromedary camel “starts with the letter D, which is Snama one on his side, while strokes name is” Bactrian camel “starts with the letter B, which is Snamin on his side.

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